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Mithila’s parents is very cruel. Her mother was from Hindu and father was from Muslim family. At the age of 2, my parents left me alone and settled down somewhere else. It was her grandma who took her responsibilities after she got abandoned. In the beginning it was very hard to see her and gradually she is getting older. Mithila’s grandma worked to others home. She kept Mithila to her aunt’s home while she goes for work in the morning and she took her after finish her work in the evening. Mithila is following Hindu religion. 
At the age of 6, she got admitted in KG, said Mithila’s grandma. She was very attentive in study from her childhood. It’s very difficult to meet her academic cost. On the other hand, we are very happy to get support from school. She also said, Mithila always achieved first place in the final exam. She reads in class three. I’m very so happy to have her. Mithila said, after I got abandoned from my family, it was my grandma who helped and supported me to study. We both love each other. She looks after my study level and visit my school time to time. She added that, she always gets good result because of the helpful and qualified teachers. 
According to Head Mistress speech, in 2008 Mithila got admitted in KG and was a beautiful girl. She was very attentive in every single class and got first place each time. We always appreciate and feel proud of her excellent result. 
At the end, Mithila shared her dream to be a doctor and wants to help the people and especially deprived and helpless people. 
Mithila’s grandma showing gratitude to the ABIMCM’s project and said Balashpur Abason Prokolpo School is a blessing for my child. I will try my best to fulfil my child’s dream.