Bro. Erik Taizé

In-charge, Brothers of Taizé in Bangladesh

Message From Taizé Brothers as Founder of PCC

Bro. Erik Taizé, on behalf of the Brothers of Taizé in Bangladesh

The Centre for the Disabled, PCC, was founded to serve those in need, with a particular attention to those who are physically disabled. That the Centre has continued for so many years, through the ups and downs, good times and bad times that a part of all existence, is a cause for joy and gratitude.

We hope and believe that PCC will serve also in the future and do so in the spirit of simplicity, mercy and joy that was there from the beginning.


Bro. Erik Taizé
In-charge, Brothers of Taizé in Bangladesh

Mr. Samuel Santanu Ray

Chairperson, PCC, Bangladesh

Message From The Chairperson

We are proud that the Protibondhi Community Center (PCC), an organization dedicated to serving humanity, especially the people with disability, is thriving for over 25 years and is emerged as one of the leading national organizations in Bangladesh by overcoming myriad challenges. It has been with the people in acute crises since its inception on March 14, 1996 by the Brothers of Taize under the special commitment and patronization of late Brother Frank Taize. As a Christian organization, its motto is to serve humanity, irrespective of age, gender identities, ethnicities, religion, political or social affiliations by holding hands of love and solidarity in line with the very teaching and example of Jesus Christ, our Lord.   

I convey a very special thanks to the staffs, advisors and volunteers from Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries for their dedicated and committed services rendered over the years. The visionary and vibrant leadership, commitment and contribution of the Senior Management Team (SMT), the Governing board members (current holders and predecessors) made all the differences culminating in excellence, professionalism and expertise and demonstrated and replicated the best practices in the areas of expansion. I really owe thanks to each and every one of them. 

As Chairperson of the organization, I would express thanks and gratitude to the generous donors, well-wishers, and supporters on behalf of all communities for their unconditional support, love and donations over the years. The Brothers of Taize in Mymensingh who transitioned their works to other districts working for more than 34 years at a stretch, deserve heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the conviction, dedication and commitment for the cause of humanity in suffering. They have preached message of love, friendship and solidarity and demonstrated through their lives and living in poverty, affluent with spiritual strengths, holding hands of humanity irrespective of caste, creed, religions, ethnicity, gender and any other social and political identities.  

Since the PCC will proudly celebrate a Silver Jubilee on March 14, 2022 to mark its dedicated and committed journey with the people in need, for bringing about changes and transformation, I would like to invite all to join us.

Please join us with open hands and hearts!!!
Sincerely yours,

Mr. Samuel Santanu Ray
Chairperson, PCC, Bangladesh

Dr. Benedict Alo D’ Rozario

President, Caritas Asia, Former Executive Director, Caritas Bangladesh.

Message from Dr. Alo D’ Rozario

I feel delighted to be a member of the PCC family and find myself lucky to have had the privilege to contribute towards the formulation of its past and present Strategic Plans. I like the most its Vision that reads - 'The PCC envisions a self-reliant society where lives of the people with disabilities and non-disabilities are transformed to live in peace and harmony enjoying mutual respect, human dignity, tolerance and fullness of life'.

I will accompany PCC with my prayer and efforts to accomplish its Mission for fulfilling the Vision. Let us seek God's blessings to walk with the vulnerable.


Dr. Benedict Alo D’ Rozario
President, Caritas Asia,
Former Executive Director, Caritas Bangladesh.

About Protibondhi Community Center (PCC)

The Protibondhi Community Centre(PCC) takes pride to announce that being with the people in desperate needs over the last 25 years by overcoming multifaceted challenges, it is going to celebrate a Silver Jubilee, for its 25th years anniversary on March 14, 2022. The organisation was established in 1996 by the Brothers of Taize, an ecumenical congregation of Christian community, under the special patronization and commitment of late Brother Frank Van het hof Taize and registered with both the Department of Social Services and NGO-Affairs Bureau of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 1997 and 2008 respectively. Since its inception, it has been working relentlessly for socio-economic and cultural emancipations of the most vulnerable people especially people with disabilities in desperate needs of specialised attention and services.  The PCC values....

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